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The aim of our programmes is to enable young English-speaking people to be immersed in the Spanish language and likewise for young Spanish people to be immersed in the English language. An international and fun summer camp.



Spain – England

15 - 19 July

14 - 17 years old



10:30am -7:30pm


15 July: Presentations and painting day

                                                        As a group we will paint a large 10m x 10m poster.



16 July: Photography day

In the morning, each young person will take a series of photos based on three chosen themes. Later, the best photographs will be chosen and in the afternoon an exhibition will be held.



17 July: Masterchef day and skills presentations

Music, dance etc…

Different creative presentations of decorative dishes will be prepared in pairs. In the afternoon there will be an exhibition for those who would like to display their work.



18 July: Acting and video production day  

The children prepare a fun version of some scenes from Romeo and Juliet. Some volunteers will act and others will prepare the set, costumes, music and video recording.



19 July: Cookery day and farewell party

During the morning there are Spanish and English cookery lessons. In the afternoon, there will be a farewell party at 6pm



Every day there will  be indoor and outdoor games.     

Please let us know of any dietary requirements


More information:

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