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 BYT acts as a bridge between different cultures.

BTY, Bedford Young Theatre , is a recently-formed English company, founded by María Graciani and Thomas Lozano using the professional experience of its directors. 

BYT was created with a clear objective which makes it different from other English theatre companies.

BYT exports theatrical works by English authors to countries that do not speak English. These works are adapted for foreign students in very simple and educated versions, while not diminishing the quality of the stage production. In the same way, within the UK, BYT also produces and distributes English versions of professional theatrical works by Spanish authors so that they can be performed around the UK.

BYT will maintain the tradition of our previous productions which have always mixed different theatrical and cinematographic arts.

Our experience of more than 20 years producing shows allows us to start this new project with the certainty that it will have the desired international impact, due to the scarcity of current offerings of this type.

Ballet Madrid was one of the most important projects launched by the company, taking 7 of its productions around the world.

BYT is our latest challenge and we bring to it the passion that we have always put into our projects.

BYT is already a reality with the first production that has travelled to Spain "A Midsummer Night´s Dream"

Artistic Director
Maria Graciani
Carolyn O´Donell
Luis Andikoberry
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