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 BYT acts as a bridge between different cultures.

Bedford Young Theatre (BYT), a dynamic new venture in the English theatre scene, was established by María Graciani and Thomas Lozano, drawing on the extensive professional experience of its founders.


Distinct from other English theatre companies, BYT has a unique mission: to internationalize the works of English playwrights. We adapt these plays into simplified yet sophisticated versions for non-English-speaking audiences abroad, ensuring the integrity and quality of the productions remain intact. Similarly, within the UK, BYT brings

Spanish theatrical works to life in English, facilitating their distribution and performance nationwide.


Continuing the legacy of our previous endeavors, BYT remains committed to blending various theatrical and cinematic arts within our productions.

With over 20 years of experience in show production, we embark on this new journey with BYT, confident in its potential for significant international influence—a response to the current lack of such cultural exchanges.


Ballet Madrid stands as a testament to our capability, having successfully taken seven of its productions to a global audience.


BYT represents our latest endeavor, and we approach it with the same fervor that has characterized all our projects, driven by a passion for enriching the cultural landscape through the power of theatre.

Bedford Young Theatre has produced five performances in the UK since 2017, also created the Catherine of Aragon Spanish Festival within the UK, and its productions have toured various cities in Spain.

Artistic Director
Maria Graciani
Carolyn O´Donell
Luis Andikoberry
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