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ON TOUR 2023 / 24

FIVE HOURS WITH MARIO, theatrical version of the novel by Miguel Delibes, one the most prestigious Spanish authors of the second half of the twentieth century who renewed traditional realism.

FIVE HOURS WITH MARIO explores the Spanish society of the time through the intimate life of its characters. Delibes wrote this novel that he later adapted to the theatre in 1979. A monologue interpreted by the Spanish actress Lola Herrera, that was a resounding success.


Carmen Sotillo has suddenly lost her husband and during her night of vigil she engages with the deceased in a monologue-dialogue that is a living document of Spain at that time, as well as an analysis of feelings as universal as guilt, lack of communication and loneliness.

María Graciani, artistic director of this BYT, retells the dramatic text in a simpler language, without over-complicated structures to make it easier to understand, while trying not to lose the essence and depth of the feelings expressed.

The unique feature of this BYT staging is that the widow Carmen Sotillo speaks alone while she cooks in the kitchen.

Author: Miguel Delibes

Adaptation: Ana Graciani

Actress: María Graciani

Music: Tuti Fernández

Show in Spanish. 

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