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Internacional tour Spain: Albacete (Teatro de la Paz) Madrid (Teatro Bellas Artes) Toledo (Teatro Rojas) 2018


Video made by one of the student. Pedro Lozano

This is a play directed by foreign students of English and is appropiates for 12-17 years old.

An easy way to practice English and get to know one the funniest works of Shakespeare that BYT has adapted in a very simple version that mixes music, quirky cartoons and young actors on stage.


In our version, fairies and goblins become cartoons that relate tu humans via the projection screen, interposing the two worlds that Shakespeare describes in his comedy.


Evaluations of teachers and students in Spain on the usefulness of the play as a contribution and complement in the learning of English. 

Madrid Autumn 2017


Francesca Boulton

Samuel Robinson

Ashley Turner

Diya Bechoo

Andrew Whitarer

Harry James Roger

Charlie Bowers

Callum Green

Tommy Lozano

Activities for students



John Simpson

Danielle Stone

Jane Boulton

Bonnie Murphy

Ricardo Melendez

Flora Molina

Samuel Baker

Harsha Bechoo

Consuelo López

Video: Pedro Lozano

Video made by Princesa Galiana School from Toledo. Spain

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