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FROM  2020

The house of the monster XLt

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THE HOME OF THE MONSTER  is a collaboration of BYT with the Spanish Company "Hijos de Marie Shelley" (Children of Mary Shelley), founded by contemporany Spanish authors like Espido Freire, Fernando Marías, Sánchez Sinistierra and Vanessa Monfort.


Children of Mary Shelley is a company of authors and interpreters united by a fascination with the fantasy genre. It was Fernando Marías who started this great family by drawing inspiration from that legendary night in 1816 when a group of English writers, Lord Byron, John Keats, Percy Shelley and Marie Shelley met on a stormy night to devise horror stories. From that night came Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus of Marie Shelley. Centuries later, this new group of Spanish creators have decided to remember that night and tell new stories. This idea has become a theatrical project.


BYT with its objective of being a bridge between the two cultures, has chosen this project to present in the UK.



Theatrical evening along the lines of those Hitchcock short stories or Amazing Stories with texts by:


ESPIDO FREIRE: April in Istanbul (Abril en Estambul)


SANCHIS SINISTIERRA: The Creature or Does the fish know what water is? (La criatura o ¿sabe el pez lo que es el agua?)


VANESSA MONFORT: The Black Mermaid (La Sirena Negra)

ANA GRACIANI: The twilight of Dracula. (El Crepúsculo de Dracula)

All monster are children of their time: Frankenstein was one of the nineteenth-century scientific revolution, Dracula of Romanticism and who knows if zombies arose from the mass society of the twentieth century.

THE HOME OF THE MONSTER wonders what these monsters would have to tell us nowadays

Artistic Direction: María Graciani 

Music: Tuti Fernández

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