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9-10 July 2022. St Paul´s Church

9-10-11 of June

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Carmen VS Carmen is an immersion in the feminine soul.

A fascinating journey into the universe of women and their freedom. The show is inspired by the music of Bizet and the novel by Merimée.


Manuel Segovia creates the work through the richness of Spanish dance. 29 years of intense work underpin the prestige of Ibérica de Danza one of the most established companies on the Spanish stage.


The company was founded in 1993 by Manuel Segovia and Violeta Ruiz del Valle and has toured more than forty countries combining tradition and avant-garde. Our work begins where the novel ends: what happened in the interrogation of D. José after Carmen's death? What emotions and thoughts did he have in his head?

The soldier, D. José, is in the dungeon where "Fate" has taken him (a character that makes us reflect on free will).  D. José cannot erase Carmen from his mind, in which he now sees her transformed into a goddess, and not as a woman… The Goddess VS the Woman.



Artistic direction, dramaturgy and choreography:

Manuel Segovia

Executive direction and costume design: Violeta del Valle

Assistant director and repeat teacher:

Raquel Ruiz

Character dancers (in order of appearance):


Nuria Tena


Lucía Martinez

D. José: Jaime Puente.

 Lieutenant Zúñiga and Tabernero: Francisco Linares

Garcia (Carmen's husband):

Santiago Herranz

María (Zúñiga's mother):

Raquel Ruiz

Escamillo (the bullfighter):

Alejandro Valverde

Friends of Carmen:

María Gurría and Marta Mármol


Georges Bizet and Albéniz

Additional music and arrangements:

Alfredo Valero and Manuel Segovia

Guest Choreographers:

Pedro Monje (Choreography of “Las Cigarreras” at La Tabacalera and “La Fiesta” at La Taverne)

Raul González: (solo choreography in “La habitación del torero”)

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Magellan  & Elcano  

First Circumnavigation

(1522 – 2022)

This play was premiered in Seville to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world by Magellan.


Premiering for the firts time outside of Spain, the play has been translated by Open University ´s Spanish Department with the expertise of Jane Mathewson and the collaboration of Bedfordshire University Perforning Art.


Five ships set sail with 300 men on board and after three years of voyaging only one ship returned. Our play tells their story.



Javier Berger, -José Luis de Blas, - Borja de Diego - Paco Gámez - Ana Graciani –Carmen Pomber - Antonio Rojano and Alfonso Zurro

Directed by María Graciani


Translated by Jane Mathesson of the Open University UK

Stage design and costumes: María Graciani

Lighting: Miguel Angel Ramos

Director´s Assistant: Carolyn O´Donnell

Guitarist: Ramón Ruiz

Dancer and singer: Anita la Maltesa

Magellan: Timothy Bedford

Chronicler Pigafetta: Aidan Huxford


Cast:  University of Bedfordshire´s Performing Art Department.


Sam Anderton -Levi Hemming,- Kyle Bradshaw, - Alex Dennett,

Roger Jover - Hashir Mahmood -Jessie Hall


May the nations of this world continue to come together to make life-changing discoveries.

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